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Naked Desire: Part Two

Naked Desire: Part Two - Rhyme Devereux Some short eroticas believe in sloppy character development so they can put more and more sex scenes. The result is not just poorly polished, but boring: after a few times, sex becomes repetitive and my mind, as a reader, just flies to another space.

That is not the case with the Naked Desire series. The sex scenes are scarce, but well executed. Not to mention the story is so involving that we don't really mind.

In this second instalment, characters are already outlined, and after the cliffhanger of the first part, we are ready to see more action. The result is not disappointing: Everything is more fast-paced. In just 30 pages, there are enough plot twists and romantic adventures that would fill a "complete" novel.

Eroticism is cleverly intertwined with characterization, and the POVs are not only witty, but believable. The male POV is specially convinceable, although I'd like to see more "show, don't tell", when the Cole, the male "hero", said Renee was a smart, intelligent businesswoman.

In all, that was a great funny read. I started reading in the end of the day, very tired, but the sex scenes were steamy and plot twists kept me going. The romantic rivals were pretty interesting and although I could sense how the story will end, I enjoy myself thinking of all the adversities the characters will have to face in order to get their happy ending.