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After Class

After Class - Megan Hart It's a girl-fucks-professor story. And I didn't like it in the beginning because:

1- The professor had half spectacles. Only old guys wear those!
I'll always remember half spectacles as Santa's glasses.

2- Pre and mid-fuck feminist digressions.
I'm a feminist, but no, not sexy at all.

3- And the professor bluntly speaks something about oral sex (with the lowest vocabulary possible).
Not a prude, but dirty talk is classier when done after you, at least, take your clothes off.


Damn. The writing is good.
Damn good.

You can see by my lack of vocabulary how it made me feel. I'm sorry. I just read it 10 minutes ago, so I don't have a brain to give a nice review yet.

P.S.: By the way, now I know that half spectacles are also like this:
And cute guys wear them too.