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Bared to You  - Sylvia Day Okay, this book wasn't perfect. The writing was tacky and Harlequinesque, but I enjoyed it anyway and I'm not feeling guilty about it.

This is the best "commercial erotica" I ever read. Mostly because of his absence of flaws, so frequent not only in That Other Book We Don't Mention, but in general modern erotica:

1- The author Sylvia Day does not get too creative with words. I remember reading "corona" (a.k.a. penis) and "Venus mound" (a.k.a. vagina) in other works of erotica. But not Sylvia Day. A cock is a cock. A pussy is a pussy. Give the body parts the names they deserve when it comes to fucking. (By the way, there was no funny metaphors for "fucking" either.)

2- The female protagonist was not a virgin. She knows how to do the basic in bed, and that is entirely believable because she is not a virgin.

3- It has a dominant alpha male... but he's not a complete jerk. And when he does behave like a jerk, he is called upon by the female protagonist. Which leads us to...

4- The female protagonist has self-steeem. Hallelluyah. Even if she is not an adamant confident woman, she surely is better than a lot of Mary Sues in romance/erotica.

5- She is not a Mary Sue.

6- She is not a Mary Sue.

7- Have I mentioned... She is not a Mary Sue?

And lastly take your sex scenes from personal experience. You know those little things you love in bed? Make a collection of it and put it on paper. Erotica is all about details, and when you master those little details you'd have written some powerful sex scenes that can't be ignored even by the greatest literary snob. And you can say what you want about this book - it has indeed, many flaws. BUT THE SEX SCENES ARE JUST FUCKING GREAT.