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The Postman Always Rings Twice

The Postman Always Rings Twice - James M. Cain There is nothing about postman, ringing or mail in this novella. I felt kind of cheated. Although the story in itself is short, powerful and interesting, it needs A LOT OF suspension of disbelief.

In this novella, we accompany a regular low lifer man, that gets a job out of luck and falls in love with the femme fatale wife of his boss. And how does he raise her interest?

By asking her what did she see in her husband.

Because the story happens in a parallel universe where asking why you chose your partner is seductive. Ask any attractive woman why she chose her boyfriend/husband. Chances are, she will be annoyed. Not magically attracted to you.

But the femme fatale in question is so sick of her greasy old Greek husband that any asshole that asks her why she chose her husband will raise her interest.

And it’s noir anyway, so it’s not like the characters are going to be likable. Let me adjust my expectations.

So, in order to live their forbidden love, they attempt to kill her husband. (Because the story is set in a parallel universe where divorce and house abandon don’t exist.)

And there is also a judicial process. That goes reaaally fast. Even the author acknowledges it. “If all the trials would be fast like this…” That same old cheat when authors commit a flaw and make one of their characters state it, so when we readers say: “Hey, that’s bullocks! The sky isn’t red!”, we can hear the author whispering in our ears: “I know right?”. But it doesn't change everything. You're still the guy who wrote that the sky is red, I won't be cheated that easily.

But despite everything, the novel can still be enjoyed and it’s not flawed in one of the aspects I admire the most: psychological transitions. Not one WTF moment comes from character inconsistencies, they are all believable, and they are one of the things that most enrich this little brilliant novella.