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To All the Boys I've Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han I was expecting to hate this, since I read a few 1-star reviews from my friends. And at first, I did really hate it. Having an MC craving her sister's boyfriend was unsettling.

Not that I mind having reprehensible MCs. I like my characters flawed. But even in literary fiction, I expect karma to be a bitch, not to just give you a blissful Happily Ever After because you're the protagonist and "we need to please the reader". But luckily, pain was felt, lessons were learned... so yeah, I didn't hate it.

I appreciate having biracial characters in the center of things, not just as the BFF who entered the story in the "diversity quota". But of course, there is some clichets.

The high school drop-dead-gorgeous-mean-girl is blonde. [yawn]

The MC, of course, is the unpopular, weird and invisible girl. [yawn again]

Those two girls have been with the same popular hunky boy. [triple yawn]

And never forget about the nice boy vs. popular hunky boy drama!

But it's high school drama, right? You can't expect a lot from it, right? Maybe the fact that I enjoy some books more than hardcore-YA-readers is because I don't take them seriously...

But this book still has some points of concern:

It is a story of a girl with two sisters whose mother passed away years ago. So her older sister Margot (the one whose boyfriend she craves) kind of took the mother's role as caretaker of her younger sisters. It is expected, but it went to an extent that the father almost didn't have to be a father at all!

... And of course they had to cook. I have a problem with female characters cooking only because they're female.

... They don't talk a lot about their deceased mother. They have almost no memories of her.

But it was enjoyable.