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Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange Journey

Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange Journey - Oliver Markus That book destroyed my libido for the next future.

Basically, it's a biography of Oliver, a German US immigrant that came to America to experience modern slavery, hunger, and an odyssey of abusive relationships.

And by "odyssey of abusive relationships" I really mean an "odyssey of abusive relationships". He had a terrible father and, like every person with abusive relationships in his early life, he had abusive relationships as an adult because "abusive" was his "normal".

And it was one of the most enlightening things I ever read about drug abuse. I'll never look at drug addicts the same way. It touched me profoundly and I almost cried a few times. It also changed my views on prostitution.

A few remarks:
- There comes a point when he dates so many junkies that they all blend in our minds. It's almost impossible to differ one from other at some point.
- Some stories of sexual abuse are just heartbreaking.
- The pace is fast at first, but in the end it becomes a little repetitive, what slows the reading;
- I learned that drug addicts behave like sociopaths... and you can't really blame them for it.
- How ridiculous, unscientific and uneffective rehab methods are!
- Maybe if the author wasn't so vocal about his lack of religion ,the book would reach the people that need it the most: self-righteous--right-wing-extremists-fundamentalists-judgy-moralist assholes.