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Fallen - Lauren Kate This is another one of those YA books that follows this formula:

1. Girl finds handsome boy. Make sure that girl is as insecure as possible.
2. Make the handsome boy behaves like a jerk around her.
3. Make sure that the girl is stupid enough to keep on pursuing his love.
4. Then find a supernatural explanation to justify the fact that he behaved like a jerk.
5. Turn the jerk miraculously into a prince charming.
6. Happy ending.

Oh, and with that explanation, just make sure to state that the reason the boy fell in love with the girl has absolutely nothing to do with her personality. [Like Stephenie Meyer used special-smelling blood or a non-readable mind for Edward to get interested in Bella]. Meaning, you'll have to rely on supernatural explanations AGAIN to explain the unexplainable (is this a word?).

In addition, this book has a scent of mistery, but I couldn't bother to follow this series.

Just to illustrate, here is some excerpts of the beautiful romance pictured in this book:
"Shut up", Daniel said, but he said it softly and so tenderly that Luce surprised both of them by obeying.

If she could just talk to Daniel. Really talk, without him interrupting or telling her to transfer schools or ducking out before she could get to her point. That might help. It also might require tying him up and taping his mouth shut just so he'd listen to her.