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As Meninas

As Meninas - Lygia Fagundes Telles A few things you should know about this book:

1. It is 99% character-driven...
2. ...meaning, there is no plot.
3. It shows the POVs of three different girls in a religious university. One is a communist, other is a aristocrat, the last a junkie.
4. Every girl has a different style of writing, so expect this book to go from David Lynch to a plain simple old book.
5. The last chapter is surprising...
6... But the characters react in a totally unrealistic way in it. Such a shame for a book based on deep characterization.
7. It is quotable, and in some rare occasions, funny.
8. You may find it pretentious at some point. (Money is always written backwards. Why?)

For me, I can't say I liked it.