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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Okay, I started this book with the lowest expectations possible, so there were some parts that I could enjoy: the emails, the first BDSM action, the beginning that depicts Ana's insecure character... and that time when she got drunk and threw up? I really laughed. (That was an intentional humour. I suppose.)

Also, the book would get one more star if the story would end with this title, but we know this end is wrecked in the sequels. So, I guess it's one more book with a saccarine ending to an abusive relationship.

Now, speaking about abusive relationships. I don't care about the masochism. If you enjoy some spanking in bed, hey, it's your right, who am I to say you're wrong? What I don't condone is subjecting to this merely to please a partner. Gladly, Ana discovers that she likes it too, but just in bed, not in her whole life/relationship. And Grey is not okay with it, and the way he gets vocal about it just makes me think that he can be an insensitive asshole sometimes. So, I'm far far away from believing that Grey is the prince charming that some people believe.

"Oh, but he is a tormented soul! He just doesn't know how to love! He will change afterwards!"

Yes, he is also an adult with a lot of money to therapy. Dealing with his shit would take someone with the self-steem of an ameba -- Oh, wait, that's Anastasia. If you know the one who seems to be the woman of your life, the one you never known someone similar with before, someone that made you feel the way that anyone did, do you just let her go because of some sexual caprices that were already well-accomplished with 15 other women in the past?

And what about her "inner goddess"? Oh, the inner goddess parts. It was clear the author used this to express the inner struggles and desires of the protagonist, but the fact that it's repeated ad nauseam turns it into a joke. Or a borderline psychotic character. The last hypothesis is more interesting, but I'm not a fool.