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Paper Towns

Paper Towns - John Green Let me tell you the good things I found in this book.

There is a mistery, which remains interesting for about 100 pages.

10% of the jokes are decent.

A couple of nice quotes.

At some point, the protagonist reads and interprets a Whitman poem with us, which is cool because I never experienced this in a book.

But that's hardly enought to save the story.

The rest is composed of a terribly paced investigation story, with an obvious character development, horrible dialogs, and characters that have the ability do make jokes both witty and terrible.

Some people say that Green's characters aren't realistic. I don't care if they're realistic or not, because it doesn't change the merit of a work: Gogol made a living with "magical realism" and nobody said he's crap because he wrote a story about a nose that walks.

I'm also not a gratuitous Green-hater. I'm not even a Green-hater. I loved The fault on our Stars.

The problem is Paper Towns is full of cheap philosophical jibjab. And before you tell me anything, It's not that I didn't get the book lessons. I got them. I just found them obvious, repetitive and unimpressing.

And I like cheap. I'm not the always-caviar kind of gal, that only reads highbrow literature works. I love me some hot dog. But I have a problem with hot dogs that try to pose like caviar. And that is exaclty what Paper Towns is.

Which made me reflect on my thoughts on The fault on our Stars, the other Green book that I loved. Is it as pretentiously full of shit as Paper Towns? Are we being tricked into appreciate repetitive clichet plots just because someone has been successful on Youtube for the past few years? [Maybe not, because the sick-lit premise is new. But there are similarities which are alarming.] Is Paper Towns that bad that made me change my views on The fault on our Stars? (I'm trying hard not to! But I already gave up on reading Looking for Alaska in the future!)

And finally, will we get anough of the nerd-boy-lures-for-amazing girl clichet premise anytime soon?

John Green, it was nice, we had a pleasant time together, but I think I'm done with you. Yep. That's it. I know you'll have company: Just keep being quotable and gif-able and you're gonna be fine.