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Phantom - Susan Kay One of my favorite books of the year, I definitely liked it more than the original classic. I know some of you will take it as a blasphemy, but I felt Phantom was funnier. For me, Erik's point of view is much more compelling in Phantom than Christine's and Raoul's in the musical (or Leroux' classic).

But if you want a book that is extremely loyal to the classic or the musical, this book is not for you. You can see here that others didn't liked it because it dares to have some creative freedom that cannot be endured or forgiven! So, if you're a traditionalist, don't read.

I was able to try a new vision of the story and I quite enjoyed. I cried, I laughed, I said WTF and OMG and that's what I expected from it. Since the first time I got in touch with the story I knew I'd be Team Erik (if you allow me a little Twilight joke) all along. If you were Team Erik all along (and you don't care a lot about Christine and Raoul), read it. This book is for you.