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Zeno's Conscience - Italo Svevo, William Weaver Hilarious at some parts, but it has some rhythm problems. I thought it was just me, but from what I read in other reviews, people usually take a long period of time to finish it. My favorite parts were when Zeno decides to get married and engages in courtship and the beginning of his new commercial relationship with his brother-in-law. These parts, I devoured very quickly.

However, some others required a lot of time to be finished. I'know that I m being pretentious for disagreeing with Joyce. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we take so long to finish the book because it's not supposed to be greedily devoured, but slowly savored. Maybe not all books are meant to be read in a constant rush. You have to stop, and breathe, and meditate it for better appreciation.

But the wording qualities are prominent. The main character is witty, and we do have some entertainment with him when he's not wandering around. [Maybe some of that wandering should come diluted in the story-telling.]

In the end, I thought it was a book well-written, but not "charismatic": you read, acknowledge it's good, but doesn't like it anyway.