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The Royal We

The Royal We - Heather Cocks, Jessica  Morgan As any said before, this is an unashamed Kate Middleton's fan fiction. If you have a problem with that, don't read it.

However, if you do decide to ignore it, know you'll miss one of the most compelling and believable MCs of recent chick-lit. Bex Porter, the American girl that gets involved with prince William a British prince, is strong, but not with a superhero complex, on the contrary: she is flawed, messes up royally (no pun intended) sometimes and, although privileged, is not generally spoiled and own her mistakes.

It was interesting to see the world from her eyes, and to be by her side when all the insane scrutiny over her relationship to the Royals landed over her. The glam squad, the believable friendships (and that annoying sister), the escapades, media manipulation, royal scandals. It was like reading a gossip magazine. Can I say something more?

And I thought it was revolting how her friends and family tried to use her for personal gain and, when she rationally said no, she was the selfish one. So, here is a lesson, boys and girls: before asking a favour to someone you see as more privileged, check first if you are the one trying to take an advantage.