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The Trouble with Lucy

The Trouble with Lucy - Carol Marinelli The Trouble with Lucy
An addictive (and even mature!) Bitch-Stole-My-husband drama
This book surprised in many ways. I was looking for a trashy read, with some petty stupid rivalry between women (I don’t know why, I enjoy this kind of thing) and I got more than I expected. This is not trashy at all. It has an honest and non-moralist take on marriages, infidelity and more character development than a lot of best sellers.

It tells the story of Eleanor and Lucy. Eleanor was married, but her husband replaced her for younger Lucy, a manipulative woman with a trouble past that takes pride in very important things, like living in a 5-room mansion or a having natural blonde hair. SPOILER ALERT: She doesn’t.

So I was expecting for karma to come around for Lucy, the bitch that we hate, but not so much.

And to see Eleanor dancing samba for all to see.

Oh, and catfight.

Or at least a bitchslap, right?

No. No catfight, no bitchslap, nothing that would satisfy my need for something… stupid. Eleanor, the betrayed ex-wife, was very dignified. She even lost weight!

And Lucy, the official bitch, paid her debt with society...
But not without getting in trouble before, like shagging more forbidden men. And that’s really entertaining to read. Besides, I believe Lucy faces mild depression, and as a former depressive, I can say the author’s portrayal on this disease is very on point.

At the end, the characters learn lessons, realize the error of their ways and all this bla-bla-bla. But what most surprised me were the reflections on marriage infidelity, that would defy our normal one-dimensional view.

And every time I woke up, I could barely wait to read this book. Isn’t it what everybody wants?